Don't Let Perishable Goods Go Bad

We'll complete your new commercial refrigeration installation in Glendale, CA and the surrounding areas

Need a new commercial refrigerator to keep your perishable goods cold and fresh? UMC Heating And Air Refrigeration handles commercial refrigeration installations and commercial refrigeration repairs in Glendale, CA and the surrounding areas. We work on all types of large commercial refrigerators and freezers.

You can depend on us to install your equipment properly so it's ready to keep cold items at the right temperature. Reach out today to schedule commercial refrigeration installation or repair services.

3 signs your equipment needs to be repaired

If your commercial equipment fails, you'll have several problems on your hands − including spoiled goods and lost profits. Some signs your fridge or freezer may need repairs are...

  • Puddles on the ground around the unit
  • The smell of spoiled food
  • Damage to the door seal
If you notice anything unusual about your commercial fridge or freezer, contact us now to set up commercial refrigeration repair services.